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1. Hello.... My age is 36, but a sexy bottom who loves to cd.. Looking for tops who r mostly in exploring my body as a female... M also seeking someone who might b interested in kinky things like bondage, role playing and humiliation...people interested only to make me pls their cocks & nothing more kindly do not contact.... M not into oral/anal & don’t have any experience of being f##ked... Rest we can discuss further if u r interested in my profile. Pls note: I don’t have any place. So only people who can arrange for a place might contact me. For the gay_search_category/cross.html">cross dressing part i can only arrange for a bra, panty and a saree... Rest if someone wishes to see me in any other clothing/jewellery will b arranged by him. Thanks.
Age: 37 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai INDIA

2. I am a gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdresser.
Age: 38 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in South, San Jose, California (CA) USA

3. I am a gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdresser, or should I better say a bigender? Anyway, I love femininity with that extra that makes the difference!
Age: 55 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Oakton, All, Virginia (VA) USA

4. My self-summary I am just a man who grew up when you could not be gay. Well, I am gay, and so I have no instructions to follow. I am doing the best I can. I am limited physically but I love travel and new things and movies and dining and cruises and just having a good time at museums and other events. I want to share all my happiness and my life with you!!! “My best friend and Lover!” What I’m doing with my life I am the happiest I have ever been as well as the most free to spend time doing things I love. I seek a best friend to share my life and my happiness here in Paradise. I am running a little program here, to help the homeless, the poor, the sick and the suffering. It will never solve the world ’s problems, not even in Paradise; but It is better to light one candle then to curse the darkness! Do you not agree? I am able to pay all my own bills and I would hope to find a Long Term Relationship (LTR) / lover / partner / spouse, with someone else who can also pay all their own bills. If we UNITE then we can divide expenses as necessary and as life progresses. I am not a “Sugar Daddy”. You understand, yes? I was forced to retire because of some health issues - no secrets, I have some difficulties walking long distances. If you can accept my limitations, I know I can make you happy! We all have challenges to deal with in life. These are not DEAD ENDS but rather OPPORTUNITIES for us to continue to live and love and enjoy all and everyone and everything to the fullest, despite what every obstacle we face. Agreed? So tell me about you and ask whatever you wish about me. IF YOU ARE TRULY INTERESTED IN ME... Please: (a) email me at [email] and (b Send me your life story and (c) Your dreams for the future. Please also (d) Include many Photos of yourself, including nude photos. I will love learning more about you and seeing all of you. I hope and pray, we will be a perfect match and come to live together and happily ever after!!! Blessings, Hugs, Love to You, D ónal Living in Paradise, Puerto Rico, USA
Age: 50 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in El Yunque Rainforest, Rio Grande, Rio Grande PUERTO RICO

5. Looking to contact good people. Sexy botom, gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdresser. Aunty, bhabhi, girl, t.g., c.d., hijra, contact me for real sex-[#]28512
Age: 28 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Muzaffarpur, Muzaffarpur Bihar, Bihar INDIA

6. gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdreser, panty boy, gay gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdreser, lingerie, stockings, sub, fetish, chastity, kink, cbt, sissy,
Age: 40 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Ny, New York City Suburbs, New York (NY) USA

7. I am an extremely clean bi-vers CD. Very honest my girl knows and also very creatively open. I am seriously interested in making friends in the Central Florida area. Most of my pix are shared by cell phone & sometimes by e-mail. I am primarily interested in clean gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdressing friends and fun only...... Please with respect no scammers or scams. Thanx!!
Age: 38 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Gainesville, Florida (FL) USA

8. I am into gay_search_category/cross.html">crossgay_search_category/dressers.html">dressers and hopiing to meet one for a relationship because I like to gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdress as well and would love to have a partner in life who likes the same
Age: 42 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Ne, Tucson, Arizona (AZ) USA

9. Mature gay male with very nice ass and legs who enjoys dress up and sissy roleplay. Seeking mature total top who enjoys big ass sissies for casual sexual encounters in or out of drag, Love rimming and sucking the right guy. 24/7 fun, Seduction and making out fun.
Age: 51 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Walsenburg, Walsenburg, Colorado (CO) USA

10. I am a gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdresser because it makes me feel like a woman and I can act like a wife sex s looking for black dick I feel sexy and I feel like a woman that’s when I want black men
Age: 50 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, Florida (FL) USA

11. been involved in the gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdressing comunity for years, looking for friends
Age: 51 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in All, Rhode Island (RI) USA

12. I admire like minded gay_search_category/cross.html">crossgay_search_category/dressers.html">dressers and am sexually attracted to them, ALso love women who admire gay_search_category/cross.html">crossgay_search_category/dressers.html">dressers. Love the femininity and makeup and fashion and the transformation into womanhood as an escape and thrill...
Age: 64 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in East, Utica Ny, New York (NY) USA

13. I love to gay_search_category/cross.html">cross dress cause it gives me a sexual satisfaction and makes me happy. Some gays like it.
Age: 38 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Bensalem, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

14. I am a hot, submissive, latex gay_search_category/cross.html">cross-dresser. Please contact me to see my discreet photos. I have a four year university degree, speak English and Japanese, and maintain a full time, professional job. I also operate an adult fetish website, which features me in various bondage and sexual situations. I seek a mature, literate person who feels passionate about my photos and has the courage to meet me in real life. Thank you.
Age: 48 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Michigan (MI) USA

15. during the day im a normal working guy. sumtimes at night i dress myself up in gstrings and mini skirts privately and play. wud like 2 chat with other gay_search_category/cross.html">crossgay_search_category/dressers.html">dressers...
Age: 30 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Kwezi Ext, Umtata, Eastern Cape SOUTH AFRICA

16. Seeking men who like gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdessers.
Age: 54 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Boston, Massachusetts (MA) USA

17. i am a gay male who wears lingerie like some gay men wear leather - as a sign of my submission. i love role-play and being ambarrassed. Finding a friend who is Dominant or willing to teach me make-up and/or hang out would be really great. i have not identified as female and i don ’t want to be a girl.
Age: 63 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Cathedral City, Palm Springs, California (CA) USA

18. Hi, I am Mona Italian-Egyptian gay_search_category/cross.html">crossdresser live in Paris. France. I am not a full time Tv. i am attracted only to other T-Girls , and over 40 yo Chubby and hairy men. Je souhaite rencontre uniquement avec d’autres travesties / homme mur autoritaire, dominateur, 40 ans de pr éf érence gros, poilu
Age: 48 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Paris, Paris, Ile De France FRANCE

19. gay
Age: 34 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Lakewood, Everett, Washington (WA) USA

20. Hello im interested in finding a gay_search_category/cross.html">cross dresser both because i find them beautiful and sexy but also I find myself interest in join the community and wanting to learn as much as i can
Age: 36 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Pontiac, Detroit, Michigan (MI) USA

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