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1. I love to be a crossdresser as I can feel it is sexy and kinky. Lingerie and wigs makes me feel like a wild horny bitch. Waiting for any daddy or grandpa.
Age: 25 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Ampang MALAYSIA

2. Hello.... My age is 36, but a sexy bottom who loves to cd.. Looking for tops who r mostly in exploring my body as a female... M also seeking someone who might b interested in kinky things like bondage, role playing and humiliation...people interested only to make me pls their cocks & nothing more kindly do not contact.... M not into oral/anal & don't have any experience of being f##ked... Rest we can discuss further if u r interested in my profile. Pls note: I don't have any place. So only people who can arrange for a place might contact me. For the cross dressing part i can only arrange for a bra, panty and a saree... Rest if someone wishes to see me in any other clothing/jewellery will b arranged by him. Thanks.
Age: 38 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA

3. 100% total submissive SISSY panty-wearing FAGGOT bottom azzpig here witha REAL hungry sluthole and pigmouth-Mild2Wild, Van2kink, whatever your pleasure butalways Safe, Sane, and Consensual - I love getting my ass pounded long, hard,rough and DEEP ---need U to fuck my asshole WIDE-OPEN and make it GAPE, just like a whore 's cunt/pussy---with you turning me into your own personal pussywhore pigslut toiletslave nasty faggot sissy Cuntbitch -Love dirty ATM, your cock directly outta my filthy Ass into-my Mouth! total submissive bottom ASSPIG here ISO dirty nasty freaky Ass-to-Mouth - let me suck U clean!
Age: 59 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in North Tampa, Tampa, Florida (FL) USA

4. Crossdreser, panty boy, gay crossdreser, lingerie, stockings, sub, fetish, chastity, kink, cbt, sissy,
Age: 41 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Ny, New York City Suburbs, New York (NY) USA

5. kinky Bi sub CD looking for people in my area for fun... Open to just about anything..I can be dirty slut if need be..Older men a plus..
Age: 46 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Swoyersville, Wilkes Barre Scranton, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

6. Shaving my entire body, dressing in sexy/kinky lingerie, putting on full makeup, painting nails to match lipstick, partaking in various mood enhancing recreational pharmaceuticals, wrapping my lips around my 'toys' and fantasizing about being dominated and made to please big strong men!
Age: 44 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Plano, Dallas, Texas (TX) USA

7. i am a crossdresser. the more fem the outfit the better. i luv to suck cock, and recieve anal. i'm into some pretty kinky stuff. the more kinky the better. if you want to do something to me don't be shy and ask me if i'd be into it. okay. i luv animals too.
Age: 34 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Toledo, Toledo, Ohio (OH) USA

8. I have been dressing in gurls clothes since i was 7 and always fighting the desire to wear sexy lingerie stockings garters thigh high boots and i no longer want to fight this urge to be transgendered i eventually want to have breast surgery and at the same time i want a gurlfriend that enjoys dressing just as kinky as i do and enjoys the same fetishis i do leather latex bondage xxx porn
Age: 56 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Central, Denver, Colorado (CO) USA

9. No one is sexier or works at harder to be sexier than a crossdresser. Also I love to have my mouth fill with a clitty.THIS IS ALL I AM OR WANT TO BE CONQUERED BY HER COCK By submalephil The Shemale Goddess is always a Lady A Woman of Great Strength and Feminine Beauty Even when She is teaching some week squirming male Respect by using Her cock his face to impale Now he'll understand just what a Woman can do When that Woman has a cock much bigger than his As on his knees between Her long Shapely Legs he now gags on Her cock as Her mercy he begs In terror of Her Awesome Womanly Powers In abject surrender before Her he cowers his futile struggles She so easily defeats As he whimpers and whines and tear flow down his cheeks Her Powerful round hips thrust again and again Her big hard Woman's cock plunges deeper within Down his struggling throat through his trembling lips And into his stomach Her hot love cream now slips A treasure so much better than he could deserve Her sweet cum is like nectar that is fed to a bird But this bird is caught now by this Woman so Strong As Her cock-sucking slave to Her he now belongs And he will respect Her as a Woman always And submit to and obey Her all of his days Just as She is entitled to as a Woman To be worshiped and served by each and every man This applies to all Glorious, Dominant Transsexual Women, T-Girls and Shemale Goddesses in recognition of their Beauty, Strength and Power to Dominate and Enslave men which is of course their right to do as Women. SHEMALE POWER FOREVER!! In my favorite dream tgurls should rule on all sexual content in the world. Tgurls should be the only ones allowed to marry and inpregnate genetic women. Masculine looking men, Glam guys in flats, clean shaven chubbies should be utilized in the following manner. (1)Fluffers to all tgurls. (2) trained to suck tgurl juice from the dripping pussies of the Tgurl's wife. (3) Anal and oral receptors to all Tgurls................... often fantisize about being abducted by an affluent Tgurl (two Tgurls) couple and being enslaved to be their masculine public husband and escort and their private bedtime lesbian lover................SHUL THIS ON THE NET.................... update: 03-03-2006 WRITTEN BY: Bob DESCRIPTION: gorgeous shemale changes my life... BODY: The first time I met Sally I was amazed. She was a gorgeous brunette, about five feet six inches tall, shoulder length hair, nice firm, round tits, and an ass to die for. It was late in the evening when I got off work and uncharacteristically, I decided to stop in at Varsity's for a drink. Ordering a beer I sat down at a corner booth and took in the people in the room. It was the usual evening crowd, the few guys just getting off work and came in to have a beer and unwind. There were two women wearing business suits sitting at a corner table discussing some work related things. The only other woman in the place was a stunning brunette sitting at the bar. Glancing up from my beer I caught the brunette staring at me. I smiled at her and she quickly looked away, blushing a little. After a moment she looked up again and I motioned her over to my table. She got up and walked over to where I sat. She was wearing a very short black skirt that ended just below the curve of her ass, showing off her perfect legs. She wore a white blouse, open at the neck and tied off at the bottom exposing her pierced belly button. She was also wearing a pair of black stiletto heels that added about three inche to her height. As she neared my table I stood up and drew back a chair for her. Thanks, she said and sat down. Catching the waitress' eye I ordered a couple more beers. Sitting down opposite her I introduced my self. She said her name was Sally. The waitress brought our beers and we began making small talk, just passing the evening. She had a beautiful smile and green eyes that twinkled when she laughed. I don't know how long we sat there, just talking, laughing, and drinking more beer. We were both pretty wasted when the waitress tapped me on the shoulder and said it was closing time. She called us a cab and we went back to my apartment. Once inside my apartment I got a bottle of Jack Daniels out of the cupboard and poured us another drink. Sally sat on the couch and I sat next to her and sipped my drink. She was looking so beautiful that I couldn't help but lean in and kiss her. She returned my kiss passionately, wrapping her arms around my neck and holding me close. Cupping her breast with one hand, I gently squeezed her ass with the other. She sat back and undid her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders as she did so. I pulled off my t-shirt as she took off her bra, revealing the most perfect tits I'd ever seen. Bending over I sucked first one nipple then the other. Sally moaned with pleasure and pulled my head into her chest. Suddenly she pushed me onto my back. She unfastened my pants and pulled them off, tossing them across the room. She then removed my boxers and freed my six-inch hardon. Gently she took my cock in her hand and sucked the head into her mouth. Slowly she worked back and forth until she had my whole cock in her mouth. She sucked on my cock, bobbing her head with a steady rythem. She gently squeezed my balls with one hand and with the other she began probing my ass. Normally I would have stopped her from doing that, but I was in such exstacythat I let her continue. She continued to suck my cock as she probed my ass with first one and then two fingers. Slowly she fucked my ass with her fingers, keeping rythem with her head while she gave me a blow job. She started to increase the tempo and I felt the pressure build inside my balls. Finally I couldn't hold it any longer and I came with a rush, filling her mouth with my cum. She continued to suck until all of my cum was gone and then she sat up licking her lips. Leaning over she circled first one and then the other of my nipples with her tounge. Then she moved up and kissed me again. Pushing her up I led the way into the bedroom. We embraced again and she had me lay on my back. Using a couple of t-shirts, she tied my wrists to the bed, then she tied down my ankles as well. She then sucked me until I was hard again. Reaching up under her skirt she removed her panties. She next crawled up on the bed and straddled my chest. I've got a suprise for you, she said. Slowly she lifted her skirt to reveal what her suprise was. There, just inches from my face was a cock! Even as I watched it began to rise from her hairless loins. Fully erect it was a good eight inches long and was nearly touching my face. I stared in disbelief, completely fascinated. She flexed it up and down a couple of times which broke my trance. Do you like it? she asked. When I made no reply she said, Kiss it for me, take it in your mouth. Slowly I extended from between my lips and gingerly touched it to the tip of her cock. There was a drop of pre-cum and I could taste its salty sweetness, not at all what I had imagined, yet not unpleasant. Slowly I circled her cock head with my tounge, feeling its velvety softness. Parting my lips I brought the head into my mouth. Holding it there for an instant I couldn't believe that I actually had a cock in my mouth. I began to suck, slowly taking more of it into my mouth. When I had about six inches in I felt it touch the back of my throat and had to supress the gag reflex. Just relax, Sally said, placing a hand on top of my head. Slowly she began to move her hips back and forth, fucking my mouth as if it were a pussy. She continued to fuck my face while I sucked with a passion I didn't know I posessed. She began to increase tempo, thrusting a little deeper with each stroke. Finally I was taking all eight inches of her down my throat, arching my neck to allow it to slide down the back of my throat. You're a good cock sucker, she said. I'm going to cum soon. My response was to suck harder and with more vigor than before. Suddenly she almost completely pulled out and then she came. The first jet landed on my tounge, then she pulled out and pumped her cock with her hand, shooting her cum all over my face. Sitting back on my chest she gigled. I've always wanted to cum on a guy's face. You're the first man I've ever been with. So, she asked, did you like it? All I could do was nod my head. Using her finger she wiped up some of her cum and licked it off of her finger. Mmm...I love the way I taste. Don't you? Yes, I replied. She then moved down and sucked my cock again. She untied my legs and pushed my knees forward to my chest. Then she started licking my balls and worked her way down to my ass hole. She continued licking my ass and I couldn't help but moan with pleasure. When I was well lubed with her saliva she moved up and pressed the head of her cock against my hole. Have you ever been fucked? I shook my head no. So I'm in virgin territory here? I nodded. Well just try to relax. She pushed forward and I felt my ass stretch as her head penetrated me and I cried out in pain. Just relax, she said. It'll start to feel better. She waited for a minute while my ass spasmed around her cock. Then she began to slowly thrust back and forth, penetrating a little deeper with each forward stroke. At first the pain was almost unbearable, but as she got deeper and deeper the pain was replaced by a feeling of pure pleasure. I'd never had my ass fucked before and I was amazed at how good it felt. Finally she had all eight inches of that beautiful cock in my ass and she began to move in and out with a steady rythem, almost completly withdrawing and then sliding all the way back in. The intense feeling of pleasure was incredible. I just lay there, moaning like a cheap whore as she fucked my ass with an increasing tempo. Reaching down she grabbed my rock hard cock and began to jack me off, keeping time with her own thrusts. I lost all track of time, intent only on the pleasure I was being given by this gorgeous shemale. Finally her breathing became heavy and she increased her pace. With a final thrust she plunged in all the way and I could feel her cock begin to spasm as she came inside of me. I could contain myself no longer and I came with her, shooting my cum onto my chest. We both sat still for a moment while our breathing returned to normal. Then she leaned over and licked my cum off my chest. Then she kissed me, letting my cum run into my mouth, sharing it with me. Un tying my hands she collapsed on my chest, her now limp cock sliding out of my ass. I didn't know how this relationship was going to turn out, but so far it looked like a lot of fun. ................... MAKE ME YOURS TO KEEP......THIS IS ABOUT ME..................... I don't want one, and I don't want to pimp my lady out. I don't want to share you with anyone else unless (love to watch also) it's another girl that you will choose. True sissies keep themselves and their Daddies off the radar. I HAVE A EXTREME FETISH FOR SPECIAL GURLS IN HEELS. ALL I NEED TO DO IS KISS THEIR TOES WHILE THEY ARE WEARING HIGH HEELED SANDALS AND I'M IN LUST. THERE IS NOTHING SEXIER THAT A GURL IN HEELS WAITING FOR ME TO PAY THEM LIP SERVICE. I WANT TO BE THE PUBLIC HUBBY IN A RELATIONSHIP BUT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS I AM A LESBIAN WANNABE...About me: I am looking for a SUGAR-MAMA TO TAKE CARE OF ME. I AM A VERY VERY VERY ORAL gentle Black master, very interested in being the dominate force in a sexual science experiment ISO of a honey dripper that can cum like a flood to quench her masters thirst. | am easy on the eyes, cute in a boyishly (so I have been told) masculine way, pleasantly plump married Black male yet available for relocation for LTR with an FINANCIALLY ACCOMPLISHED, extremely shy, low key, sexually submissive, discreet yet very kinky, (occasionally switchable) mentally mature , obedient to a fault, smart, affluent, monetarily established, sensual lamb to be molded into my loving specifications. I am 56 years old, I look to be in my mid 40'S. I'm 5'7 tall, short & chunky 260 #S, short (5 INCH oral pacifier)cock, with sensitive nipples, semi-virginal (deeply fingered once in 72)ass, and an extreme fetish for sucking a woman's clitoris until she is sexually drained and breathless. I am here for the truly low key, sweetly demure, submissive (CHILDLESS) t-woman, 30-60, at least 5'6'' tall. Someone that doesn't need to be guided yet yearns to be lead by a firm yet gentle hand. You will be punished with an open hand and rewarded with mutual oral adoration. All corporal punishment will be applied via the back of your thighs and your posterior Your punishment will never never leave any permanent scars. It will be required that your body will be adorned with sexy yet restrictive garments under your conservative day wear as an absolute necessity. I am a loving, gentle,patient dominate and am prepared to teach an eager student (or have the student teach me the art of receiving more than I anticipated) the true form of giving all. My special lady will always be required to wear heels, sling backs, open toes, and especially ankle straps. If you are a true submissive you should be prepared to have vacuum devices applied to your nipples and clitoris at my whim. Eventually your nipples,tongue, and clitoris will be pierced (possibly multiple times if you feel it will help with your need to feel totally submissive to me) . You must be an extreme cuddle freak. I yearn to be with someone that is very very touchy-feely to a fault. A cuddle is just what it is and doesn't have to end in a sexual (like I would fight you off!) interlude. You will learn the joy of being butt plugged, vaginally vibrated, licked, nibbled, eaten beyond any comprehension of sexual sanity you have ever dreamed of. If you have ever dreamed of having a face you could drain all of your primal love juices into, I'm a juice receptacle. Occasionally our nightly sexual rituals will consist of vacuum devices applied to our nipples and genitalia. Your love nor your body will be shared with anyone else. What we shall have together will surpass the deepest You should share an extreme love for wearing multiple pairs of stockings or open crotch pantie hose along with High heels , vibrators , Dildo's, Butt plugs, High heels, Strap ons, Long nails, Shaving, Hair plucking, High heels, Bustiers, open tipped brasseries, girdles, High heels, Body (opaque and sheer only) stockings, Toe rings, Bondage, Teasing, Toy(insert-able) sharing, and light whippings (did I mention high heels). Your intimate wardrobe will all eventually consist of color matching tops and bottoms with matching shoes (low heels-min. 2.5 inches, high heels-min. 4 inches). The vacuum devices for your genitals will expand & elongate your clitoris so it will be easier to be suckled on so I can drain the essence from your body. I do prefer an androgynous or plain Jane type that will completely submit herself to me. I will remake and re-mold you. You will glow with a new found beauty under my tutelage. To your friends, family, and co-workers we will seem as a well adjusted loving couple. I will not embarrass you in the prescience of family, co-workers, or friends in any way shape or form. O.K. copping a feel if done discreetly and in a loving manner doesn't count Does the thought of risque public sex turn you on? Lets play.... Does the thought of being tied to a chair with vibrating ???????? I AM A SWITCH..... Who I'd like to meet: ISO A MATURE MINDED SMART YET SUBMISSIVE SWITCH INTO SPIKE HEELS, VACUUM DEVICES, AND MUTUAL ORAL PLAY!To my future MISTRESS and WIFE.. I am an Extremely orally submissive masculine looking LESBIAN wannabe. I wish to become a houseboy/go-fer/ masculine public husband (guy hangout partner) for the busy GURL EXEC. I am a young looking, mature (57) MARRIED Black male. I have been told I am very easy on the eyes in a boyish way. I am ISO a attractive, mature, powerful, spiked heeled BBW CD/TV/TV/GURL executive who is a closet lipstick Lesbian that would abduct me and gentle force me to become her private pet for LTR and love to turn a passive male into her girlfriend for private nighttime fun. I am 5' 7 tall at 260#S with a soft baby-fat body with very sensitive nipples that needs your touch. Hopefully you will be interested in mutual vacuum device experimentation. Please let me sit on a spike heeled woman's clit while she twirls my tender nipples..... I hope you will take the time to read my ad. The truth of the matter is someone would have provoke or beg me to be dominate. Aggression is not my nature. I am really looking for someone that would relish loving and nurturing a sexual passive male and molding them to be a sexual science experiment. I have an extreme heel fetish especially open toe and strappy sandals as I love the taste and texture change between flesh and leather. My first experience with a special gurl was when I was in the service (lonely boys and army towns). A woman took me home and was treated to the anal tongue lashing I will never forget. But that wasn't what intrigue me. It was as tho she could understand every sexual feeling I had. The best part was when put her finger in my ass and started calling me daddy. Before I knew what was happening to me she swung her leg over my body and presented me with her clitty. I balked at first but then she pulled out a vibrator and start fucking my ass and stated if you don't want this feeling to stop start sucking mommies pussystick. It seemed so taboo but it felt so good. My lips opened and I have never been the same since that moment. I have no children even thou I am married and I have reach a stage in my life when I think I should be with someone who shares my dream. ARE YOU READY? Then again if not you.....then who? Here I am giving some special gurl a personal Public masculine husband (hang-out partner if you are not full-time) and a passive sissy to own. I am will to sign a contract if needed to proclaim my life with you. Small print no blood, scat!!!!!!SHULIQR
Age: 67 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Rural Area, New Jersey (NJ) USA

10. Want to play out some of my dirty little secret kinky boy on boy,naughty butt very arousing, sexy and seductive twink anal pleasing fantasies! Big dicked girly boys to please my horny and anxious butt hole!........PARTY AND PLAY!!!!! I like to wear thong and G-string panties! Very versatile!
Age: 29 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in North Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) USA

11. My name is James Walker I am here to find out my soulmate he should be someone very close to my heart owe respect for me . he should be homely, lively and must understand the importance of ethical and moral values. he should be someone who will hold my heart with togetherness and love. he should be someone who stands with me in my joys and sorrows. mixtures of beauty and brains and must be supportive. he should be a good friend of mine apart from being a good life partner. If you think you are the correct person for me in my life dont think write me back. I am here because of facebook i know that facebook will help me to find my soul mate he would be on facebook or other social sites or dating sites may be any part of the world i dont know where but Iam searching for him. I am sorry I cant post my orginal picture because of my friends family they will get the information i am gay I dont know any one in the world or cheat. I am truthful to myself that one day he will find me on facebook is the way to road find him. guys leave it on me I know he is around me just looking for him if you think you are one of them who can be my friend add me. I 'm looking to meet friends, nice guys (I 'm a nice guy), kinky guys, or whatever, but but I 'm always on the lookout for the One. So...I guess I 'm pretty ltr oriented in the end if he happens to show up at my doorstep. Til then it 's all about meeting friends and having fun. You be: - smart - funny - challenging - passionate - young at heart - mature in emotion - sometimes silly - sometimes serious - caring - independent - open to new experiences - open to being your most authentic self - open to the challenge of getting to know me Look forward to hearing from you. llooking for local solid bearish or muscular (or both) fair-skinned men for periodic one-on-one no strings fun and frolic. I mean no disrespect to other types of men, but I can offer them only friendship, as they do not interest me sexually. I 'm very oral (sucking, kissing a must!], licking, rimming, hugging, cuddling), and I enjoy trying to please the man I 'm with as much as he pleases me, if not more so. Reciprocation is key. Sorry, I 'm not into anal penetration, either active or passive. If you 're in the area, give me a holler. I prefer men over 35, but I 've been known to make exceptions. If you do not have or provide a face pic of yourself, I most likely will not respond to you. James Walker I am looking for my soul mate who can move with me at India that all i love India Email me [email]
Age: 32 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Pune Camp, Pune, Maharashtra INDIA

12. I'm looking for a guy that can please me and loves to get pleased, must be kinky, crossdresser is a plus but not required, I would like a man that is also well in doud. BIG IS SO GOOD.
Age: 38 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Nampa, Boise, Idaho (ID) USA

13. crossdresser:30/s:163cm: pasive pasionate erotic fetish kinky C/d geisha collar and leash XXX. looking for an older uninbibated active only gayfriend.. for a happy romantic relationship.
Age: 46 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo BRAZIL

15. love being femme, being controlled and controlling, heels, hose, makeup, naughty slut, other gurls/sisters, raw, kink, wiggle and squirm, kiss kiss, seed
Age: 63 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Honolulu, Hawaii (HI) USA

16. kinky crossdressers
Age: 49 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Loveland, Cincinnati, Ohio (OH) USA

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