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21. I dont know why Iím a crossdresser. All my life Iíve enjoyed putting on womens clothes, espessally underware and makeup. Iím looking for another guy who enjoys the same.
Age: 54 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in North, Springfield, Illinois (IL) USA

22. male admirer looking for crossdressers for no strings fun
Age: 57 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Dubai, Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

23. Gay woman looking for crossdresser to date and maybe more.
Age: 46 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Central, Madrid, Madrid SPAIN

24. love crossdressers and sometimes fully dress myself...but i am really an avid wearer of pantyhose and looking for others into same
Age: 45 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Macon, Georgia (GA) USA

25. i am looking for a gay crossdressers or women who wants to see a man crossdress
Age: 62 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Central, Madison, Wisconsin (WI) USA

26. I am a gay crossdresser and looking for a straight married man
Age: 57 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Folsom, Sacramento, California (CA) USA

27. I am a 40yo man living a straight/married life. I have a deep desire for crossdressers and trans ladies. I want to experience sexual encounters with one of these lovely ladies. I have no hang ups or reservations and i am ready to do just about anything. It has taken me a long while to pursue this fantasy and now it is all that i want. My only issue is discretion. I am just being honest, i do not want to hurt my family. I am looking for bi men also who are interested in discreet sexual encounters. So if you are crossdresser, tranny or bi-male and you want a guy for no strings, use him and walk away sex then i am your man.
Age: 47 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in East Moline, Iowa (IA) USA

28. looking for a mature and experienced crossdresser interested in breaking in a bicurrious crossdresser.
Age: 41 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Peoria, Illinois (IL) USA

29. i am a gay virgin looking for some hot sex with a crossdresser. i also love to dress up and i want a friend to shop w me and possibly share clothes with.
Age: 25 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Denver, Colorado (CO) USA

30. Bi married crossdresser in Madison looking for someone to dress with now and then.
Age: 66 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Madison, Wisconsin (WI) USA

31. looking for a good time with a fellow crossdresser
Age: 38 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in All, Washington (WA) USA

32. Im a crossdresser looking to meet other crossdresssers in the area for some discrete fun
Age: 55 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Norfolk Newport News, Virginia (VA) USA

33. I am a crossdresser, have been all my life, never been ’out’ or even seen by another person. looking for an intimate one-on-one relationship to help me overcome this.
Age: 56 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Evansville, Indiana (IN) USA

34. i am a femme gay crossdresser looking to connect with gay men who like crossdresers and femme guys for frienship, possible ltr
Age: 40 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in North Tonawanda, Buffalo, New York (NY) USA

35. I'm a sexy Hispanic crossdresser and I love being in the role of a sexy female. When I dress up my femininity comes out of me and it feels so natural for me being a female and especially for a guy(s) who wants and seeks a special kind of a woman like myself. I love being a crossdresser and want to meet guys who will accept me for who I am and what I enjoy being. Though I do not have a partner yet, I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there looking for a sexy Hispanic crossdresser like me so I'm just waiting for my man to find me.
Age: 49 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Little Creek Rd - Tidewater Dr, Norfolk Newport News, Virginia (VA) USA

36. I am looking for a very smooth feminine crossdresser that would like the accompany of me.
Age: 48 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Aliso Viejo, Orange County, California (CA) USA

37. I am looking for a crossdresser because i find them unbelievabley sexy and i love to play with soft feminine clothes and people
Age: 40 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Niagara Falls, Buffalo, New York (NY) USA

38. looking for crossdressers in the Abilene Tx Coleman Anson Sweetwater Towns
Age: 67 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Rural, Abilene, Texas (TX) USA

39. I have always loved crossdressers and I adore being one when time allows looking to meet up with like minded people for what will surely be some exciting times
Age: 41 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in East, Columbus, Ohio (OH) USA

40. Well I have known crossdressers for a long time and have been on both sides dressed and dated crossdressers. I am looking for someone that I can be best of friends with and treat them like no one else and hope it would be the same with them.
Age: 65 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Either Side, Cleveland, Ohio (OH) USA

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