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1. Part-Time ‘sexy girl' wants to ‘take a walk on the wild side’. Shaves completely smooth. Dresses sexy, and becomes sensuously svbm!ss!v* passable fem fantasizing about being manhandled and collared by [email] tops. 5'11", 135 lb thin bod just Made4Men in every way! I have albums of pics and some home vids.
Age: 42 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Dallas, Texas (TX) USA

2. I am a crossdresser and at least bi, maybe even gay. I am looking for other crossdressers or guys for intimate times if we prove to be compatible. I am not passable but not plug ugly. I love kissing, caressing and gentle, passionate encounters.
Age: 73 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in North, Melbourne, Florida (FL) USA

3. I think transsexuals and crossdressers when they are passable are very sexual because they feminine of a woman and hopefully sex drive of a man.
Age: 48 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Centerville, Macon, Georgia (GA) USA

4. I am a lifetime, so far, crossdresser. From my first panties, I was hooked. I am stil closeted and not passable, but I love to dress and enjoy all the excitement that goes with it.
Age: 67 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Rural Area, California (CA) USA

5. gentlman seeking to return to my past activities of dating fem passable Cd ,
Age: 48 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Old Bridge, Old Bridge, New Jersey (NJ) USA

6. I’m a masculin, attractive totally bald man wishing to encourage gay crossdressers who may not be passable but are feminine and lady like. Not into porn or foul language.
Age: 48 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) USA

7. I like to dress in lingerie, though am not passable
Age: 42 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Cleveland, Ohio (OH) USA

8. I am a cd who would love to chat and get know each other before dateing. passable, been to the mall, movies the beach and dineer. Not really a material girl, but do love to recieve flowers.
Age: 59 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California (CA) USA

9. I seek feminine men, CD ’s, T ’s ...especially if you are passable. I appreciate beauty of all sexes and ethnicities.
Age: 56 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Downtown, Shreveport, Louisiana (LA) USA

10. Hello there, My name is Michaela , well its not that really well not yet at least. I am a 27 year old crossdresser, very passable with the right touches of makeup, here seeking to find myself. I know that i am a woman inside and I hope that some day soon i will be able to live as that woman. Its not possible for me right now but who knows. I find myself to tend to be svbm!ss!v* I hope I can find a person (man or female) to fall in love with who will accept me for me.
Age: 33 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Prague, Uvaly CZECH REPUBLIC

11. 255 characters? not that east to do. I think crosdressers are sexy and as a married male find that hint of taboo irresistable. You do not to be drop dead gorgeous and 100% passable. If you are interested in this then I'm interested on you.
Age: 53 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Deerfield, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

12. I am a part time cd. very passable though I dont try to fool people. looking for a nice masculine man to sweep me off my feet
Age: 47 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Garden District, Monroe, Louisiana (LA) USA

13. ---
Age: 61 | seeks gay crossdresser dating in Sw Burbs Of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

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